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Je veux devenir couramment en français... ahhh was that even correct? How can I know, my teacher did suggest that I get a minor in French, so I must be doing pretty well right?


aww, forget it.

AU idea #1

A universe where memories are stored in every tear drop. So people rarely ever cry because if they do they might forget something really important. Crybabies make up for it by stories their tears in bottles and when they are done crying, they give themselves their memories again. Tears are precious, valuable, things and they sell tears on the black market so other people can experience the memories of strangers. It's like going on the biggest acid trip available and you can feel everything they are feeling. Often times when people actually shed true tears, it's not just because they are sad, but because they want to forget.

I think Love and Food are related

After all, my parent's are kind of stoic, so I'll never hear them say I love you. Instead my mom will stay up cooking and feed me when I come home from college. They'll eat the fish I make even if I do accidentally add twice as much chili paste. My Dad will purposefully burn food when he's grilling because he's afraid of giving us food poisoning (he has gotten better about that).

It's not quite the same thing, but it's something.... I think.

Period Dramas

Oh,I love them, you have no idea how much I love them. I'm not even sure why, lately it seems as if people just want to romanticize the past (or make fun of it), but I just always find it fun to think of in general. To look at life in another time and era... also I'll be honest, the costumes are great.

One thing I don't like though, is how much of a Western perspective we put on all these period dramas. Like, not even just westernized, but like a very specific England in the 1600-1800's perspective. I mean that's what you get when you try to find recommendation lists. It's not that they're bad per say, but I wish people would realize that period dramas mean any historical period from any time and place....

Tropes that fascinate me: Hero's Sacrifice

It's certainly not a new trope by any means, in fact I think it may have been one of the oldest in the book. However something about it has always fascinated me, more than that, I found myself gravitating towards those characters that embodied it. Perhaps that's where my love for superheroes comes from, well actually it's undoubtedly where my love comes from. I actually, I'm fascinated by the thoughts of sacrifice in general. Not just of oneself, but of the things important to oneself.

Those questions I've always wondered; which is correct, in a fire save 3 strangers or one family member? My mother said I was wrong I was bad, that I had a moral obligation to save the family member. I wondered because I think I hero would be different, would think that true morality would be in preserving life. Thus they would save 3 strangers over 1 family member. It would be noble, though to be honest I could never do it. In fact I'm not sure if I could live with myself either way. I wouldn't think either choice to be truly morally correct... so I'm not a hero but I'm not really a normal person either if I can't honor that moral obligations.

What am I then? Confused... yeah that sounds about right.