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Tropes that fascinate me: Hero's Sacrifice
It's certainly not a new trope by any means, in fact I think it may have been one of the oldest in the book. However something about it has always fascinated me, more than that, I found myself gravitating towards those characters that embodied it. Perhaps that's where my love for superheroes comes from, well actually it's undoubtedly where my love comes from. I actually, I'm fascinated by the thoughts of sacrifice in general. Not just of oneself, but of the things important to oneself.

Those questions I've always wondered; which is correct, in a fire save 3 strangers or one family member? My mother said I was wrong I was bad, that I had a moral obligation to save the family member. I wondered because I think I hero would be different, would think that true morality would be in preserving life. Thus they would save 3 strangers over 1 family member. It would be noble, though to be honest I could never do it. In fact I'm not sure if I could live with myself either way. I wouldn't think either choice to be truly morally correct... so I'm not a hero but I'm not really a normal person either if I can't honor that moral obligations.

What am I then? Confused... yeah that sounds about right.